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News & Events

2019.04.24 - Arista Corporation Announces the Stealth Silent Audio Workstation

2019.02.05 - Arista Corporation Announces Video Projection Mapping Turnkey System

2018.10.05 - Arista Corporation Announces the AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter

2018.06.25 - Arista Corporation Announces ARD-5816-31 Cluster for AV over IP Copper/Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Cards

2018.06.15 - Arista Corporation Debuts ARD-3002 IP Flash Caster AV over IP Multi-Function Transmitter / Receiver Series

2018.06.10 - Arista Corporation Announces the RS-123 Universal Rack Mount Extender / Computer

2018.06.05 - Arista Corporation Announces the ADM-2155BP / ADM-2155BP-A01 Multi-Touch Video Displays with Expansion Capabilities

2018.04.05 - Arista Corporation Announces the RS-122 Universal 1RU Rackmount System with Dual HDBaseT, AV Over IP Extenders, and Computer Options

2018.03.05 - Arista Corporation Announces the RS-121 1RU Rackmount Computer with Integrated HDBaseT KVM Extender

2018.02.15 - Arista Corporation Announce the RS-120 Rack Mount / Wall Mount HDBaseT Extender / Computer

2018.02.05 - Arista’s IP Flash Caster Helps New Zealand’s AV Events Deliver Stunning Visuals

2018.01.05 - Arista Corporation Introduces ARD-1007-A01-TX HDBaseT™ Transmitter

2017.11.12 - Arista Corporation Introduces ARD-0301-A01-TX HDBaseT Extender / Transmitter

2017.11.05 - Arista Corporation Announces ADM-5865BP Large Format Industrial Display

2017.10.05 - Arista Corporation Announces ADM-2121BP Remote KVM HDBaseT Display

2017.09.05 - Arista Corporation Introduces the AVC-100-VH Video Converter with Scaler

2017.08.15 - Arista Corporation Announces the ARD-5816 KVM Extender / AV Transmitters and Receivers Cluster

2017.08.05 - Arista Corporation Debuts ARD-1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver

2017.07.05 - Arista Corporation Announces ARD-1007A 4K KVM HDMI® Digital Extender

2017.06.01 - Multi-HDMI Outputs Thin Client and 4K HDMI Multi-viewer for an efficient Control Room Visualization

2017.05.26 - Arista AV over IP solutions, for an uninterrupted productivity!

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