Class 1 Division 2 Panel PCs, safe system for hazardous locations

Class 1 Division 2 Panel PCs

For several manufacturing industries safety is a prime concern. Electrical equipment’s used in atmosphere with flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, ignitable fibers or filings can result in a fire or explosion. Area with presence of hazardous materials in sufficient qualities to create a fire or explosion is classified as hazardous area. In US and Canada these areas are classified in Class/division system. In Europe and other countries the zone system is used. Both of these hazardous area classification systems outline protection techniques and methods for electrical equipment’s.

Preventive and safety measure to eliminate occurrence of fire or explosion in a hazardous location is a prime concern. A regulatory body like OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) has established system that classifies locations with potentially dangerous conditions to results in an explosion or fire. Hazardous locations are places with presence of flammable liquid, gases or vapors ad can result in a fire or explosion if present in sufficient amount. The electrical equipment’s used in these areas should be developed with techniques and methods to eliminate and prevent such occurrences.

Arista hazardous area panel PCs are engineered to withstand harsh environment and suited for industries like plant floor, refineries, petrochemicals and other areas with presence of flammable gases or vapors. Moreover Arista panel PC’s and thin clients system for use in hazardous area is completely sealed stainless steel available with IP65, NEMA 4/4X with environmental rating UL508 and UL Class 1  Division 2 certification.

Arista ARP-2200AP Series Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location touch panel thin clients are available with resistive touch and powered with Intel i5 mobile process with 8GB DDR3 memory. ARP-2200AP active matrix TFT LCD display is available as black power coated or stainless steel bezel with 4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports. To know about this range click here.

Arista ARP-5500AX series is waterproof and available with NEMA 4X stainless steel front bezel. This resistive panel PC is powered with core 2 duo mobile CPU with memory upt0 4GB DDR2. To know about this product click here.

Arista is a pioneer in the industry of product development, engineering, manufacturing and customer support. Originally formed in 1994, Arista has offices in China, India and Taiwan. With years of experience and expertise in Industrial Panel PCs, industrial monitors, Box PCs and Fanless embedded computers, rack mount computers, ACP ThinManager Ready Thin Client, embedded CPU boards and video extender/switched. Arista has served customers with reliability, integrity and trust.


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