Multi-HDMI Outputs Thin Client and 4K HDMI Multi-viewer for an efficient Control Room Visualization

Multi-HDMI Outputs Thin Client and 4K HDMI Multi-viewer for an efficient Control Room Visualization 

4K HDMI Multi-viewer

Arista BoxPC-138-G00-00D – Multi HDMI Output Thin Client 

Designed for high performance, BoxPC-138-G00 is a multi-monitor thin client supporting up to five HDMI outputs. It allows five HDMI displays from a single Thin Client, each HDMI output supports up to 1920 x 1080 FHD resolutions.

MVD-105 – 4K UHD Output Quad View Video Processor

• Four HDMI 1.4b (4K@30Hz)input channels
• One HDMI 2.0 resolution 4K@60 (3840×2160) output
• USB KVM Switch built-in
• Control via IR, RS-232, TCP/IP
• Desktop Control Console MVD-108 is included

The Arista MVD-105 4K MultiViewer is a high-performance 4K UHD MultiViewer KVM Switcher / Scaler. It is an ideal for control rooms, medical facilities, command centers, and other facilities seeking to display four HDMI video sources on a single 4K Ultra High Definition display monitor. Each display window with up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, it save space and reduce installation costs.

Four 1920 x 1080 FHD display windows over 4K UHD display

Single focal point – Viewing multiple displays monitors causes stress especially when working hours are long. MVD-105 quad view video processor attached with 4K UHD display monitor maintains a single focal point on a single display monitor.
Built-In USB KVM Switch – Multiple keyboards, monitors etc take up a lot of space. For limited working space and if you need some extra room, MVD-105 is an ideal solution. It integrates a USB KVM switch that allows users to control multiple computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Displaying four HDMI video sources simultaneously on a single 4K UHD display monitor, increases overall efficiency in the process.
Total Control – The Arista MVD-105 provide different controlling options, including LAN, RS-232, and IR Remote Control. Arista control console puts the control of the MVD-105 at one’s fingertips via its RS-232 interface. The control console enables users to switch the video source of each display window, change the quad view layout, switch between single and quad view, and switch keyboard and mouse control on the fly.
Advanced Audio Routing – The MVD-105 also features de-embedded audio outputs for advanced audio routing. The audio signal can be extracted from each HDMI video source and monitored via the audio output. The audio output enables users to monitor audio from the selected video source.

For detailed product information visit BoxPC-138-G00-00D and MVD-105 product web pages as follows BoxPC-138-G00-00D and MVD-105.You can also reach directly by calling out toll free number 1.877.827.4782.




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