Rugged Industrial LCD Monitor — Arista ADM-5842

Arista introduces rugged industrial LCD Monitor-ADM-5842,product features listed below-

Rugged IP50 Fanless design
LCD protected by tempered glass
Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution Wide viewing angle
Ambient light sensor
Easy operation and installation
Wide variety of source inputs
Remote Control
Optional Infrared Touch Screen
Applications Overview

Plant Floor Visualization

Aristas FHD Series 42” LCD Displays is the ideal monitor to display HMI graphics, live video, critical production and process control information to share with floor personnel. Put up production targets, cadence, alarms, machine uptime and downtime measurements, and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) ¡V all in high-definition color for improved productivity and greater plant floor efficiency. Arista´s high-def displays are the cost-effective, high-information content alternative to LED marquee signs. And, they´re specially designed to operate in harsh manufacturing locations!

Military Command Center Situation Display

Arista´s FHD Series 42” LCD displays meet the military requirements for ruggedness and survivability. The FHD Series 42” can be used for collaboration, situational awareness and information fusion in critical command and control situations. Our rugged, large format LCDs can be used in shipboard, airborne, and mobile command and control centers where space is at a premium and the environment is unforgiving.

Seamless viewing for smaller control rooms

Today´s small- and medium-sized control centers often use multiple monitors, with each one displaying different information. This often results in a cluttered, crowded workspace. Arista´s FHD series can reduce or eliminate the need for multiple displays by consolidating information display onto one large high-definition monitor. Arista´s ergonomic design simplifies the workspace, makes communications easier, helps increase operational throughput, provides a cleaner work area and a seamless, flexible viewing capability.



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