Arista Corporation — Announces the Launch of a New Industrial Video Wall Series

FREMONT, California, August 24th, 2010 — Arista Corporation,, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers, today announced the product launch of their AVW industrial Video Wall Series. Based on a combination of 42 inch and 46 inch displays, the AVW Series consists of the AVW-4222 (42 inch 2×2 Matrix), the AVW-4233 (42 inch 3×3 Matrix) and theAVW-4616 (46 inch 1×6 in-line).

The usual location for Video Walls is in the control rooms or operations centers of any company or organization. There are many applications / industries that would utilize Video Walls such as:

Power Companies and Utilities, the master control room of an average utility can be a stressful environment. Power generation and distribution, water, natural gas and other utilities face major challenges and require team monitoring.

Traffic Systems, a control room solution for intelligent traffic systems require an appropriate Video Wall with high performance to deliver fast paced information to your team.

Security and Surveillance, security control rooms need to display high quality video information so that operators detect and act upon security breaches. Defense, defense control rooms bring together multiple sources of data into a controllable and useable visual format that can be displayed by multiple operators using Video Wall technology.

Finance, the world of finance is fast-paced and information-intensive. To operate successfully in this industry, you need accurate information displayed in a timely and clear manner.Video Walls are used to convey visual information to a grouping of people that are learning about a certain topic, company, products, services, etc. Video Walls can also be used as a vital communications tool to keep teams focused on the business at hand.

Arista Corporation recognized an ongoing need for Video Walls and the need to keep up with the latest Video Wall Technology. Our 2×2 matrix unit comprised of four 42 inch displays, 3×3 matrix unit comprised of nine 42 inch displays and 1×6 matrix unit comprised of six 46 inch displays installed in-line with vertical mounts make up Arista’s AVW series that will fulfill the needs of most Video Wall applications.

We chose two high quality 42 and 46 inch displays to populate our AVW Video Wall series. Both models employ design specifications intended to produce an optimal solution where high brightness, wide viewing angle, high color saturation, and high color depth are required. Inputs for these displays are VGA and DVI. Integrated into both displays is AD technology to convert VGA / DVI inputs to the LVDS interface. Our Video Wall controller unit is offered with this series as well as an industrial computer with a VIA 500MHz.  CPU, up to 2GB DDR Memory, VGA / DVI Video Interface, optional 2.5 inch HDD, optional CF, 2x PS/2 Connectors, 4 USB 2.0, and Gigabit LAN. O/S support includes WinCE, XPe and Linux.

Contact Arista Corporation for additional information including availability of this exciting new AVW Video Wall product line and how it will integrate into your operations.

“Many of our clients have expressed an interest in a Video Wall product for a current or future application. This bright new AVW Video Wall series with the 2×2, 3×3 and 1×6 matrix will cover a wide range of Video Wall applications,” states John DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation.


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