Arista Corporation – Announces the Product Launch of Their Industrial Shoebox Computer Series

FREMONT, California, August 31st, 2010 — Arista Corporation,, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers, is announcing the product launch of their MPC Shoebox series.

Arista Corporation’s MPC series of Industrial Shoebox computers are comprised of the MPC-1060, MPC-6060 and the MPC-1061. These systems are designed with heavy duty sheet metal and utilize 8cm filtered chassis cooling fans. The MPC series are extremely versatile and can be configured for a variety of requirements. The MPC-1060 and MPC-6060 are similar in design with a few differences based on personal preference. Both units are well suited for applications requiring a high performance single board computer (SBC) with a powerful Intel P4 processor and backplane configuration with up to six full size expansion slots. These systems can also be fitted with robust ATX power supplies-upwards to 400W, two accessible drive bays, one internal HDD drive bay and twin sets of USB ports located front and rear.Shoebox computers are intended for computing applications that require a fewer number of internal board slots than a rack mount computer (or server) and needs to fit in a smaller form factor. The typical configuration of the bench top or wall mount Shoebox computer typically offers six full length internal board slots, while the 4U / 5U rack mount computer is designed for applications which require as many as 10 to 20 additional option boards. There are many applications that run on industrial Shoebox computers including, machine control, robotics, automation, communications and medical.

Arista’s Shoebox chassis design focuses on ease of installation and maintenance, as well as system flexibility to provide a high quality multipurpose platform.The MPC-1061 is a more compact but sturdy Shoebox system designed to run on an Intel Atom processor platform. This system is also equipped with a six slot backplane and will house a full length SBC. Also included in this system is one internal / one external drive bay, ATX power supply and 2 USB ports.

Contact Arista Corporation for additional information on the versatile MPC series Shoebox computers and talk to us about your particular application.

“We are excited about the launch of this new MPC Shoebox computer series,” statesJohn DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation. ”This new Shoebox series represents our own product, designed and produced by Arista that will meet the needs of many of our clients applications,” added DelSignore.


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