Arista Corporation Introduces the AVC-100-VH Video Converter with Scaler

Arista Corporation Introduces the AVC-100-VH
Video Converter with Scaler

Ideal for placing legacy personal computer output
on HDMI™ compatible display systems


Fremont, CA – September 2017… Arista Corporation, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV MultiViewers, and related products for the AV installation and industrial markets, announces the AVC-100-VH video converter with scaler. Designed as the ideal tool for breathing new life into legacy computers that are still in service, the AVC-100-VH is designed to convert and upscale an analog VGA video signal to a digital HDMI video signal in a wide-range of HD and PC resolutions up to 1080p—making it an ideal solution for meeting rooms, lecture halls, and similar environments.


The Arista AVC-100-VH converts VGA and stereo audio to a HDMI output. On the input side, the AVC-100-VH is outfitted with one female HD15 VGA connector and a single 1/8-inch(3.5mm) stereo audio connector. For output, there is a single female HDMI Type A connector. The Arista AVC-100-VH can scale the VGA image and accompanying audio to digital format and embed it to HDMI output as a 2-Channel LPCM signal.


Unlike other converters available on the market that have various compatibility issues, the AVC-100-VH is embedded with an algorithm that reads and analyzes the VGA video information to determine the best resolution for the HDMI screen to display properly. To ensure the widest compatibility, the new AVC-100-VH is both HDMI 1.3 and DVI compliant. Additionally, embedded EDID (Extended Display Identification Data—a VESA standard data format that contains basic information about a monitor and its capabilities) simplifies the installation procedure.


Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s new AVC-100-VH, “The AVC-100-VH gives new life to legacy computers that are still in service by enabling a VGA source to connect to an HDMI/DVI LCD monitor, projector, or TV. It detects high bandwidth capability and supports a wide range of PC monitor and HDTV resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 or 1080p resolution. This handy device enables companies to extend the usefulness of their older PC by enabling them to display on the latest models of hi-res display systems.”


The Arista AVC-100-VH Video Converter with Scaler ships with a 12V DC (universal 110/220V) power adapter. MSRP is $149. The product is available now.


About Arista Corporation

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Fremont, CA, with operations in China, India, and Taiwan, Arista Corporation is committed to the highest standards of product development, engineering, manufacturing, and customer support. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes video wall LCD monitors, AudioVisual extenders, AudioVisual matrix switchers, and AudioVisual MultiViewers. To learn more about the IP Flash Caster AV Over IP signal distribution system, visit


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