Arista Corporation – Showcases Their Industrial Thin Client Market

FREMONT, California, November 2nd, 2010 — Arista Corporation,, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers, this month is showcasing their Industrial Thin Client market and strategic partnership with Automation Control Products (ACP).  

The Thin Client market segment has been in existence for the past couple decades and the term Thin Client was coined in 1993 by an exec working for a well known software organization. For those of you that are not real familiar with Thin Client and its impact on a company’s operations, in simplest terms, thin client / server-based computing describes a shift away from the complexities of the typical modern personal computer (PC)-based network. While the PC started out as a simple tool which enabled individuals to increase their personal productivity, it has in fact become a rather complicated and bloated device. New PC hardware and software are constantly being released, creating an endless stream of compatibility issues, both small and large. Just when you think you have your PCs working perfectly, new applications, devices, device drivers, Internet access, etc., are required, and each desktop computer needs to be individually upgraded, reconfigured, or even completely replaced. As a result, what started as a simple personal computer evolved into a rather complex “fat client” network device.


Thin client computing is a response to this constant PC desktop upgrade and maintenance cycle with its high cost and high manpower requirements disrupting the flow of business. A thin client is a “display-only” device, meaning it displays applications that run on dedicated servers rather than on the computer.

Arista Corporation recognized the potential of the Thin Client market place and partnered with ThinManager software designer ACP. Since both companies are primarily focused on the industrial market, the relationship forms a perfect hardware / software symbiosis.  

ACP has taken its ThinManager Terminal Services management and configuration software and transformed it into a new software platform that allows unprecedented visualization, management and security for your entire automation process.

“ThinManager is well known for its ease of use when it comes to managing Terminal Servers and Thin Clients and for many years we have offered modules that expand ThinManager’s functionality. We are now taking several of our popular modules and rolling them into the core ThinManager product. MultiSession, which allows multiple terminal server sessions to run on one thin client, is the foundation on which ThinManager’s functionality is now based,” states Tom Jordan V.P. of Marketing, ACP. “We have also moved in Instant Failover, Load Balancing (with queuing), Shared Keyboard & Mouse and many others. The new group of products is now known as ThinManager Platform 4,” added Jordan.

Over the past few years, Arista has designed a number of industrial Thin Client nodes as well as several series of low power industrial PanelPCs and MultiMonitor BoxPCs that are optionally ThinManager enabled. (All ThinManager Enabled units were submitted to ACP for testing and approval.)  In 2009 Arista Corporation sold more ACP ThinManager Enabled Thin Client units than anyone else in their market segment. Please click on the link for our ThinManager Enabled products.

Contact Arista Corporation for additional information on our industrial Thin Client product line and how your manufacturing operation could improve by utilizing a Thin Client network powered by ThinManager.

“Our Industrial Thin Client market has flourished over the past few years and our partnership with ACP has grown stronger with the variety of ThinManager Enabled systems we designed in order to provide our clients with system solutions required for their particular manufacturing operations,” states John DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation.


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