Arista Corporation Showcases Fanless Multi-Monitor Embedded Computers BoxPCs

FREMONT, California, July 27th, 2010 — Arista Corporation,, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers is showcasing two of their embedded  computers BoxPCs systems with Multi-monitor display capabilities.

The Arista BoxPC 140A and BoxPC 240A are compact fanless industrial computers designed for flexible deployment in a wide variety of applications. Their robust fanless design makes these systems an ideal solution for factory automation, industrial signage, food production, manufacturing, capital equipment, medical, assembly or any other application that requires a compact embedded computing solution. The onboard 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor combines low power consumption with minimal cooling requirements, resulting in stability and longevity. Surface mountable in any position, these BoxPCs have an infinite range of installation and integration locations. The BoxPC 140A has single PCI slot expandability and is available with up to three VGA ports. The BoxPC 240A has dual PCI slot expandability and is available with up to five VGA ports.

Performance and functionality of the BoxPC 140A and 240A, features the 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor and up to 1GB of DDR400 RAM. The units are also available with an optional 2.5 inch SATA HDD. O/S options include WinXP Pro, XPe. The systems will operate in temperatures of 0 to 50 degrees C. Arista pays special attention to internal cable management with locking SATA cables, clipping and locking connector cables and precisely secured cable groupings.Externally, the BoxPCs are packed with industry leading design features. Constructed of a sealed all metal chassis, the design offers protection for these units against moisture, humidity and particle matter ingress. These systems also offer maximum industrial connectivity, including dual Gigabit ethernet ports, four USB 2.0 ports, five RS-232 COM ports, one RS-232/422/485 COM port, one LPT printer port, one set of audio & microphone connections and separate KB and MS connectors. The units offer external access to a CF Type II slot through a separate sealed access panel. To protect against cable disconnection, all vital I/O connections are screw-in, clip-in and secured, including a unique screw-in power connector. These units also offer AC/DC power options.

The BoxPC 140A and BoxPC 240A systems also offer optional Industrial Thin Client Enablement.  Automation Control Products (ACP) ThinManager-Suite is an advanced thin client management software that offers robust and secure thin client management. ACP ThinManager and Arista were the first to introduce Multi-monitor thin client monitoring to the global market with the addition of these two multi-monitor systems.  The systems equipped with optional ACP ThinManager Enablement, support multi-monitor spanning and individual session ghosting on up to five monitors (up to three monitors on the BoxPC 140A) with up to 1920 x 1200 maximum resolution per monitor.With an eye on thermal performance, Arista developed these BoxPC systems from the ground up for low power, low thermal operation. The VIA C7 processor is based on the advanced VIA CoolStream™ Architecture. This processor provides an excellent performance per watt ratio. To further incorporate energy and thermal efficiency, the BoxPC 140A and 240A feature an advanced internal heat sink system with oversized copper cooling pipes which effectively dissipate heat to the external cooling fins.

Contact Arista Corporation for additional information on these multi-monitor Industrial BoxPC systems and how your industrial operation could benefit by their use. Ask us also about the benefits of ACP ThinManager.

“At the time of their launch in Q4 2008, the BoxPC 140A and the BoxPC 240A multi-monitor systems had a huge response from distributors, systems integrators and end users”, states John DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation. “Still topping the sales charts, these systems are providing a single system / multi-monitor solution for our clients, spanning one operation or session to a maximum of five touch screen monitors or in some cases displaying up to five individual operations or sessions (one session to each monitor) to a maximum of five monitors simultaneously”, added DelSignore.


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