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FREMONT, California, June 22nd, 2010 — Arista Corporation,, leader in the design and development of Embedded Computers & Panel PC’s today announced they have integrated the Intel ATOM processor into two of their popular industrial computer products. Introducing the ATOM Based ARP-3600-B00 series and ATOM Based MicroBox-7824A-B00 The ARP-3600-B00 industrial computer is a fanless HMI panel mount that offers the highest cost-to-feature ratio in the industry. Packed with industry leading design features, these ruggedized units operate from 0° to 50° C (32~122F), employ optional NEMA 4/4X bezel attributes and are equipped with Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, optional 2.5” HDD, optional CF, one Mini PCI-Express expansion slot, Four USB 2.0 ports, one serial COM port and 5-wire resistive touch screen standard. With LCD display options of 6.4’’, 8.4’’, 10.4’’, 12.1’’ and 15’’ LCD displays, the ARP-3600-B00 will be a fit for most HMI panel computer applications.

ARP 3615AP ACPThe MicroBox-7824A-B00 features an all metal wall mountable chassis, designed for rugged industrial applications. The chassis is equipped with an advanced convection cooling system that allows for a fanless design. The MicroBox-7824A-B00 industrial computer was originally announced by Arista in February 2008 at the ACP (Industrial Thin Client) Users Conference in Scottsdale Arizona. The MicroBox-7824A-B00 received a positive reception from industry leaders, engineering professionals and a diverse group of ACP ThinManager users. The MicroBox system shares many of the feature attributes of the ARP-3600-B00 boasting four USB 2.0 ports and AC or DC power inputs.

Microbox 7824A B00Both the ARP-3600-B00 and the MicroBox-7824A-B00 were originally powered by a smaller processor that limited the units to running WinCE. With today’s industrial automation software becoming more sophisticated and requiring a larger operating system platform, such as WinXP Pro, the Intel ATOM processor is a perfect fit for running low power industrial applications while having plenty of power to operate the larger O/S.

The designated part numbers for these units with the ATOM processors will be ARP-3600-B00 and MicroBox-7824A-B00. The company is planning to have these systems with the processor upgrade, re-certified as ThinManager enabled, in-keeping with their partner relationship with ACP.

Contact Arista Corporation for additional information on these Intel ATOM based Industrial computers and how they will benefit your Industrial computer application.

“This processor upgrade is a big step forward for these systems that run low power industrial applications. With an optional hard drive installed we can run WinXP Pro and that will lead to more application possibilities”. states John DelSignore, Sales / Marketing contact, Arista Corporation.

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