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Courtroom AV: Challenges and Opportunities in the Justice System

  The modern justice system relies on AV technology for many different systems and processes. Using video conferencing for remote testimonies and presenting evidence through high-quality streaming are just a few ways that AV is used daily. Here’s how AV, and AV over IP in particular, can help jurors, lawyers and other members of the… Read More »

Why Casinos and Integrators Win Big With AV Over IP

  From slot machines to live concerts, casinos have a varied and unique set of audiovisual needs. As a result, AV technology must be implemented in a flexible, customizable way. Casino AV systems also need to support engaging and interactive experiences in large, fast-paced environments. Because of these many demands, AV integrators often struggle to… Read More »
Benefits of AV

Dispelling Myths: How to Sell IT Departments on AV Over IP

  AV over IP is quickly becoming the standard across many industries. Digital signage, wayfinding, broadcasting and videoconferencing are just a few applications being transformed by IP-based deployments, according to Greg Aradjan and Diana Hagan at AVNetwork. This doesn’t mean everyone is completely sold on AV over IP, though. In particular, IT departments tend to… Read More »
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Designing for the Future: Why Architects and Builders Need AV Over IP

  Adding technology to business designs is a risky endeavor. This sort of technology can get outdated in just a few years — and it can’t be replaced easily. And since the entire building is often designed around that technology, it is important for building developers to select AV technology that is flexible, easy to… Read More »