How Millennial Users Have Changed the Rules for AV Integrators

  Millennials have a special relationship with technology. It affects almost every aspect of their lives, not just what they bring to the workspace. It affects how they interact with each other, both as friends and as communities. It also affects how they interact with brands, events and locations. “Millennials in the workplace are a… Read More »
soldier using map on tablet for orientation at forest

Why Military Contractors Should Pitch AV Over IP

  Supplying pro AV to the military can be incredibly lucrative. However, not every integrator knows how to pitch to the Department of Defense. The military works closely with AV equipment. As editor-at-large for Commercial Integrator D. Craig MacCormack points out, that’s why many AV companies work with military veterans. Veterans understand the equipment on… Read More »
doctor showing something patient on tablet pc in hospital

How Hospital AV Technology is Advancing Care and Helping Staff

  As we have seen, pro AV has become a key aspect of several diverse environments, from restaurants to coworking spaces. In the healthcare industry, existing and emerging AV applications are being used to improve patient stays, boost care team communication and support a higher level of service and efficiency. Here’s a look at why… Read More »

Pro AV for Sports: How Multimedia Has Revolutionized the Fan Experience

  Sports are an enduring pastime for many. And part of the reason sports have remained so popular is because stadiums have learned to adapt and change to fit the times. However, today’s stadiums have their work cut out for them. As the Commercial Integrator staff notes, “To stay competitive with the big flat-screen TV’s… Read More »