Basics of Intrinsic Safety in Hazardous Locations

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For hazardous locations work areas safety is a prime concern, according to experts to avoid any hazard it is quite it is quite essential to take extreme preventive measures. Faulty conditions  can lead to explosion and harm operators as well as overall production. Intrinsic safety barrier ensure safety in the work environment. Let us first understand what is meant by intrinsically safe?

Equipment with intrinsic safety allow safe operation  in hazardous area. Intrinsic safety protection technique limits energy, electrical and thermal sparks which can initiate an ignition. Industries like petrochemicals, plant floor and refineries concentration of flammable gases or dust are found easily. Intrinsic safety approach simplifies circuits to keep current and voltage low and not produce arcs, sparks, flames or explosion.
Let us now look at the common terms associated with intrinsic safety:

Intrinsic safe circuit: This is achieved by limiting the current and voltage. In an intrinsically safe circuit no spark or thermal effects are produced during operation or in an event of an explosive atmosphere. Safety marking: Ex ib IIC
Intrinsically-safe electrical equipment: All circuits of intrinsically safe equipment does not cause ignition. Moreover,low voltage and current does not allow explosion even in an atmosphere of flammable materials.
Associated electrical equipment: Minimum of one circuit in this equipment is intrinsically safe. It is advised to implement associated electrical equipment with other protection. Safety marking [Ex ib] IIC

Intrinsic safety has several advantages over other protection methods. Primary reasons are guaranteed safety to user, ease of removing and replacing the intrinsically safe devices in hazardous locations. Moreover,trained staff is able to maintain/repair/replace the intrinsically safe devices without shutting down the plant. Also, intrinsically safe system is cost-effective and can be installed without any difficulty.

Certification Agencies

There are different bodies developing standards for intrinsic safety and product evaluation. Certification agencies allow manufacturers to affix appropriate safety marks on the equipment for relevancy. Example of certification agencies are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) in North America, Europe intrinsic safety certification is ATEX directive and in other countries IECEx standards are followed. Also,electrical equipment’s for use in hazardous locations are covered by National Electrical Code (NEC) in the United States and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) in Canada.

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