Arista AV over IP solutions, for an uninterrupted productivity!

Uncompressed 4K streaming, zero-latency AV-over-IP is the future of AV signal distribution.

AV over IP is discussed so much in the commercial AV installation. It allows uncompressed audio and video signals over standard Ethernet network. This typically includes HD Video, Audio, Control Signals like IP, peripheral signals and more. AV over IP delivers scalability and flexibility that allows deploying AV infrastructure over Ethernet.
Now that we are aware what AV over IP offers, the question is why it should be used? AV over IP offers great advantage when compared to legacy solutions, this include HD and UHD capabilities and zero- latency. Moreover, end-users have great ease of management while lowering down overall installation costs.

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Arista to introduce their IP Flash Caster at the InfoComm17

Arista latest “IP Flash Caster” is all set to make debut at the Infocomm17, this AV over IP signal distribution system features uncompressed 4K streaming and zero-latency AV-over-IP. The IP Flash Caster allows installers and system integrator’s to replace proprietary AV matrix switches with off-the-shelf Ethernet networks for improved performance, flexibility, scalability, and price. Arista Corporation is a leading manufacturer and provider of video wall displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, multi-viewers and more for AV installation and industrial markets.

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Arista MVD-105 UHD Output multi-viewer for exceptional control and versatility


Arista Corporation is a globally recognized leader in manufacturing video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV Multi-viewers, and other related products for the AV installation and industrial markets.  The MVD-105 UHD Output Multi-viewer is a high-performance 4K UHD Multi-viewer Switcher / Scalar. This is ideal for applications where space is limited or if there is a requirement for single focal point viewing.

The Arista MVD-105 UHD Output multi-viewer is a great solution for wide range of industries including control rooms, medical facilities, command centers, and other facilities for four HDMI display of video sources on a single 4K Ultra High Definition display monitor. Each display window is delivers up to 1920 x 1080 resolution with saving space and reducing installation costs.

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Arista HDMI quad screen multi-viewer- MVD 102

Arista MVD-102 quad screen multi-viewer displays four video windows simultaneously from four different video sources or computers on a single LCD monitor. MVD-102 is a technology driven solution, ideal for wide range of applications and industries. MVD-102 is a great solution for users with uncertain requirements, for instance applications requiring AV signal from a diverse range of source devices, resolutions and signal formats.

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Introducing Arista’s AMW 1321AX-E01 Mobile Workstation

Mobile Workstation

With demanding and evolving needs of manufacturing, every industry require solutions that accelerates processes and operational ease. Mobile workstation or industrial mobile cart makes manufacturing processes convenient and efficient. Arista recently introduced its latest model, ARP-3821AX-E01 mobile workstation. This unit is a fully enclosed IP65 NEMA 4X stainless steel panel PC integrating latest technologies, including wide-screen FHD 1080p LCD display, Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch, Intel lower power E3845 Atom CPU.

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