How to Help University Developers Envision a Campus Innovation Center

The word “library” conjures up images of silent reading rooms and miles of books. But it’s an image that hardly encompasses the centers of learning, sharing and creativity that modern-day libraries have become. And it doesn’t begin to envision campus innovation centers and their attempts to build connections between libraries, labs, classrooms and building spaces,… Read More »

Industry Focus: AV Over IP in the Operating Room

While universities and schools remain the top consumers of AV over IP systems, hospitals are not far behind. According to Keith Kazmer at Black Box Network Services, hospitals increasingly use AV over IP to keep patients engaged, share health information, and communicate quickly between hospital offices or departments. Reaching out to patients and improving staff… Read More »
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How the Conversation About AV Over IP Has Changed in the Last 18 Months

From closed circuit television to cell phones and conference calls, IP connectivity already plays a fundamental role in professional work environments. In the commercial AV market, however, this technology hadn’t been a very good fit — until recently. Replacing the clunky hardware and physical limitations of traditional AV equipment, AV over IP (or AVoIP) is… Read More »