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It’s About the Experience: Why Integrators Should be Considering End User Needs

  When AV integrators envision the build they would create, they do so with the latest technology choices, optimal efficiency, or seamless functionality in mind. All these factors matter. But they don’t matter most. Integrators who want to expand their business through referrals and return customers place one question above all: What is the best… Read More »
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AV Over IP Helps Systems Integrators Create a More Efficient Workforce

Once upon a time, AV systems were isolated projects. Integrators were called in to outfit a conference room or an auditorium space, and their work focused on the equipment and its connections, not on corporate strategy. Today, the situation has changed. “It’s not just about a one-off AV project anymore,” consultant Joseph Arena tells Commercial… Read More »

Considerations when Installing AV Over IP in Historic Buildings

Preserving historic buildings isn’t just good aesthetic or historic sense; often, it’s good environmental sense as well. As the Whole Building Design Guide notes, restoring or rehabilitating a historic building saves the energy required to tear down and rebuild, and the results can be as energy-efficient and functional as a new building would be. Nevertheless,… Read More »
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Why Integrators Are Embracing AV Over IP — And Why Users Should, Too

AV over IP — the process of sending audiovisual signals over computer networks — has challenged AV integrators to change their approach. By relying on standardized network hardware and software, AV over IP renders integrators’ specialized knowledge of proprietary AV tools obsolete. Plus, because AV over IP operates on computer networks, it has reduced the… Read More »