Chemical Resistance Monitors and Touch Screens

Chemical Resistance Monitors and Touch Screens.  Industrial monitors and touch screens may be exposed to a number of chemicals that can effect the internal and external monitor components. The chemical resistance of each is outlined below.  

External Components

Other than stainless steel, there are three separate polymeric materials that are exposed to the environment on the front of our panel mount monitors. The chemical resistance of each is outlined below.

Resistive Touch Screen

The surface of the resistive touch screen is made of polyester and is resistant to the following chemicals when exposed for a period of one hour at a temperature of 21°C (70°F):

  • Industrial Chemicals – Acetone, Methylene chloride, Methyl ethyl ketone, Isopropyl alcohol, Hexane, Turpentine, Mineral spirits, Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Antifreeze, Automotive Hydraulic Fluid, Skydrol.
  • Food Service Chemicals – Ammonia based glass cleaner, Laundry Detergents, Cleaners (Fantastic, Formula 409, Joy, etc.), Vinegar, Coffee, Tea, Grease, Cooking Oil, Salt.

Panel Sealing Gasket

The panel sealing gasket material is a polyether / polyester urethane blend. It is unaffected by mild inorganic acids and bases. It shows modest swelling with oils, greases and other linear hydrocarbons. Strongly polar solvents will greatly swell the material. In most cases, physical properties recover to a great extent as the solvents evaporate.

More specifically, the gasket material is resistant to the following chemicals: Industrial Chemicals Acetone, Methanol, Kerosene, cutting fluids, hydraulic oil, Isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, motor oil. Where the chemical resistance of the gasket is inadequate, it is possible to protect the gasket with a bead of Polysulfide sealant.

Protective Tempered Glass Window (non-touch screen units)

The anti-reflective coating on the tempered glass for non-touch monitors is resistant to the following chemicals: Industrial Chemicals Acetone, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol(50%), trichloroethylene.

Internal Components

Sulfur Gas Protection (touch screen units)

Sulfur compounds can greatly damage electrical components so sulfur damage is not included in our standard warranty.

For customers who may expose displays to sulfur, we offer special monitor models that incorporate the following features:

  • Glass-Armored Resistive Touch Screen – Custom touch screen with a micro-thin sheet of glass laminated to the polyester top sheet. This glass layer creates a more uniform barrier against sulfur entrance.
  • Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Emitter – Small device that emits a continuous flow of vapor, which forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces and provides long-term protection against corrosion by sulfur compounds and a host of other adverse conditions.
  • Touch screen permanently sealed to monitor bezel using epoxy – This solution involves using epoxy to attach the touch screen to the monitor to the bezel, creating a polymeric barrier which helps keep sulfur out of the monitor enclosure.

Chemical Resistance of Monitors and Touch Screens


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