Everything you need to know about ThinManager Ready Thin Clients!

ThinManager Ready Thin Clients

Thin client computing has already gained pace in the manufacturing industry delivering plenty of benefits to end-users for a seamless business process. Moreover, industrial manufacturing has gained great heights with well- developed ThinManager ready thin clients. A thin client network includes thin client PCs with specifically designed software which manages data and applications. However, there is a vast range of solutions available for thin clients available in the market and it is important to choose the one that best fits your requirements and work environment.

What is a ThinManager Ready thin client?

Thin client devices support thin client computing solutions. Moreover, thin clients need specialized management software solution to store data and manage applications. ThinManager ready thin clients architecture is a cost-effective solution and delivers functionality that minimizes efforts of end-users to manage their processes. With a centralized management option for machines it becomes quite flexible for users to access, monitor or change active sessions in any device from different locations.

What are thin client and industrial thin client?

Thin clients are delivered to deliver a centralized management solution to be used in industries with normal working environment. On the other hand, industrial thin clients are meant for harsh environment, where extreme temperatures, dust, shock, vibrations etc are most likely to happen. In addition, Fanless and ventless industrial thin client are provided with special I/O functionality for varied displays.

Arista ThinManager Ready thin client solutions

Arista offers a vast variety of ACP enabled thin clients for office and industrial purposes. Moreover, Arista thin clients family also support 4K resolutions, multi-monitor, panel-mount,large format display and hermetically sealed options. Entire thin client range is a combination of advance technical specifications which are user-friendly. Moreover, Arista thin work well in several industries including manufacturing, healthcare IT, pharmaceuticals, commercial, marine, hazardous location and much more.

Some key benefits of the Thin Clients are

Security: Thin clients do not have any local storage; this ensures that no data will be harmed at any point of time. Moreover, information stored on the server can be further protected with encryption and authorized user access.
Centralized access: As mentioned above thin clients are a great option to make everything a centralized process. Not only this option is convenient for users but it also help in cutting down additional maintenance and management costs. Moreover, with thin clients there is no performance compromise as system respond and transfer information the very same way traditional systems do.
Power consumption: A very efficient and cost-effective feature of thin clients is the ability to work on very low power consumption.

Before choosing Thin Clients

Every business has certain needs which have to be addressed differently, not two businesses can work alike and so is the use of thin client for them. Before moving forward with any new upgrade it’s important to analyze reasons to incorporate them in your current state in the most feasible way. Below are few options to consider-
• Limited space
• Cost-reduction
• More security
• Structured business model
• PCs upgrading
The above options were few examples of moving to the thin client environment, it can very beneficial and cost-effective. However, this is different with every business and keeping in mind those critical requirements a thin client solution should be selected.

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