What are hazardous area certifications?

hazardous area

Industrial process performed under presence of dangerous and explosive gases, combustible dusts, flammable liquid or any other similar sources should use electrical equipment’s with proper protection technique. To ensure that installed equipment’s are designed and tested to provide necessary protection, third party bodies or agencies certify that the specific equipment’s meet all requirements to perform in a hazardous area/location.

North America Approval Standards

The standards in North America are classified under NEC (National Electric Code) for the USA and CEC (Canadian electric code) for Canada. In both countries these guidelines of NEC and CEC are accepted and used as the final benchmark for installation and use of electrical products. In the USA and Canada government have recognized third party testing and approval agencies, these agencies test equipment’s in accordance to specified standards. After testing and approval from these agencies the equipment’s are suitable for use under NEC or CEC installation standards.
In the United States the government agency OSHA (occupational health and safety administrations) has authorized group NRTL (nationally recognized testing laboratories) listed below:
• CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
• ETL Testing Laboratories Incorporated
• Factory Mutual Research Corporation
• MET Laboratories
• UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
• United States Testing Co. Inc.

In Canada the government agency responsible is the Standard Council of Canada and has authorized group of testing laboratories for equipment certifications. Following are the list of testing laboratories mentioned by Standards Council of Canada.
• CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
• ETL Testing Laboratories Incorporated
• UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
• ULC(Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada)
In order to adhere to national standards both countries Canada and the USA require additional indication on approved and tested products.

European approval standards

Countries belonging to European Union have established bodies for use within their own country. CENELEC is the acronym for European Committee for Electrochemical Standardization. Equipment’s with CENELEC certification or approved are accepted for use within all participating union countries. Also European Directive ATEX was adapted and all equipment’s intended for use in explosive atmospheres must comply with ATEX Directive.
International Approval Standards

Countries participating in IECEx (Internal Electrochemical Commission on explosion protected equipment’s, known as “Ex”) provided international or national certification of explosion protected equipment.
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