How to choose the best VDI solution


Virtual storage or virtualization gives ample reasons to be implemented in your current IT scenario. However, if you are new to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) or if you want to find out what virtualization can offer your business then this post will guide you through. Let us first understand what the term, virtualization means.


It refers to creating a virtual version of something, for example, operating system, storage, computer networks etc. The most enticing thing about virtualization  it allow business owners to cut down costs and make a flexible business management.Moreover, virtualization fits well for small as well as large business set-up.

For hosting virtualization or VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) thin client, zero clients or smart clients are among the top choice. Thin clients and other similar devices depends on a network connection to a central server and perform the computing. Thin clients perform very less processing in the hardware and mainly rely on the server. All these VDI hardware options can be opted according to their features, cost and implementation techniques.

Top advantages of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)

Desktop virtualization has several advantages including streamlining business process, it allow company’s IT environment to be agile and secure. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

Flexible management: Desktop virtualization eliminates the complicated s IT scenario and allows seamless system updates and security. Administrators can have better control and they are able to offer customized access to individual users remotely.

Security: This is the priority for any business owner. A VDI environment allow absolute security of critical business information, data is backed up at the central server ensuring minimal exposure to theft, hackers, and malware.

Recovery: In case of any downtime users are able to access their system and data without any hassle. Virtualization is able to deploy several desktops at the same time without causing delay and any financial discrepancy.

Minimize costs: Apart from management benefits desktop virtualization is able to reduce costs. If compared to setting up traditional PCs with software requirements VDI is a cost-effective choice. Moreover, VDI does not require much maintenance and hardly experience  downtime.

How to choose a Thin Client?

Thin clients are compact and easy to install. However, there are several variety of thin client clients available in the market and their price depends upon features they offers. To choose a thin client for your business it totally depends on individual business needs, for example, thin client should support multi-monitor, video conferencing and many other functionalities.

Thin clients are simplified devices with user-friendly functions; a typical thin client should be able to deliver a centralized management with easy access to remote locations. Thin or zero clients VDI set-up is usually same and offers end-user convenience. As mentioned above these devices are easy to install and require very less maintenance.

With thin or zero clients’ users are able to ensure maximum protection and security for their data.
When looking for VDI thin clients options, major factors to consider are
1. Features/functionality
2. Deployment options
3. Display support


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