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Industrial panel PCs

Complex industrial processes need reliable and robust computers to perform in demanding environments without fail. Industrial panel mount PCs are popular for use in different manufacturing and automation processes. Panel mount PC’s are versatile and can be integrated into wide range of applications with ease. At Arista, we manufacture a complete range of high-performance industrial panel PCs. Right from resistive touch screen to multi-touch, we have wide range of panel mounts, wall mount, water-proof, large format, and hazardous locations industrial PCs.

Manufacturing needs are growing and  appropriate industrial touch screens PCs can deliver great advantages. Some of the major benefits of using industrial panel PCs are discussed below:

Rugged Design-Industrial touch panel computers are engineered to last longer and are able to withstand harsh conditions like vibration, temperature changes, dust, and similar conditions. A panel PC is resistant to such challenging environment and performs normally without causing any downtime or operating interference.
Minimal Downtime– In any production environment, downtime of machines causes a great loss of business as well as resources. Panel PCs fanless design prevents dust accumulation in the internal computer components and avoid malfunction. This improves and accelerates the overall production process of any facility and allows machines to work efficiently.
Operational accuracy– Designed for maximum uptime and performance, industrial panel touch screens can be customized according to industry and can function according the needs of the facility.
Easy Maintenance– Since most of the workplace does not have a clean environment, panel PCs are easiesrto clean and are a great option to avoid any kind of hazard. Most panel PCs front bezel is IP65 rated which means protection from dust and water. The touch screen panel PCs does not require any other input device and makes the work environment hygienic.

Arista Industrial Panel PC solutions
Arista industrial PC range is fanless and available with capacitive touchscreen functions. The ARP-3821AP-E01 is the 21.5 inch panel powered by Intel low power E3485 Quad Core Atom CPU with upto 8 GB extendable memory. Available with external smart battery and NEMA 4/4X environmental rating options, ARP-3821AP-E01 is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, etc. To know more about more similar products and their specifications click here.

Another range from Arista waterproof panel PCs is the ARP-3821AX-E01 powered with E3485 1.91GHz ATOM CPU and stainless steel enclosure. ARP-3821AX-E01 is a 21.5” Active Matrix TFT Display available with projected capacitive touch, there is a Wi-Fi connectivity options and dual gigabit LAN. To get more detailed information, visit our website

Depending upon the environment and customer needs, Arista industrial panel PCs are engineered specifically to withstand demanding environment and deliver efficiency. The units can be easily integrated into existing processes without downtime. For more information call our toll free number 1.877.827.4782 or email

About Us: Arista Corporation is a pioneer in the industry of product development, engineering and manufacturing of industrial computers and displays. Founded in 1994, Arista has offices in China, India and Taiwan. With years of experience and expertise in Industrial Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors, Box PCs and Fanless Embedded computers, Rack Mount Computers, ACP ThinManager Ready Thin Clients, embedded CPU Boards and video Extender/Switches. For many years Arista has served customers with reliability, integrity and trust.


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