Industrial Thin Clients with ThinManager support

Thin client terminals offer secured and improved performance with reduced maintenance and downtime of devices. ThinManager-ready  industrial thin clients centralizes backup of desktops,laptops,and other devices.It further minimizes chances of information theft as data is saved on the server.With ThinManager support end-users are able to make better management and secure decisions. 

Why ThinClient and where it can be used?
A Thin client is a compact device with easy mounting options,these are easy to maintain and upgrade. Thin Client devices do not have a hard drive or other parts that can cause interruption in the work environment. Each thin client operates independently and serves lot of benefits over a regular PC.By reducing maintenance and installation time, there is no downtime  with the use of most thin clients.moreover they can be easily incorporated into normal as well as rugged industrial environments. Most thin clients are fanless s and work well in harsh industrial environment.

Managing Thin Clients
With software packages like ACP ThinManager users are able to get full-fledged management options and control. Depending upon the type of work environment, ThinManager provide options to lower costs, downtime and management. ThinManager ready thin clients can be replaced with a single mouse click and requires no additional maintenance.

Versatile and secure
From a plant floor to corporate office, thin clients are available for organizations to be used in difference platforms and helps in lowering down the total cost. As a thin clients does not require additional network, storage or servers; IT department can lower their budgets and upgrade in more convenient way. Thin client hardware and software minimizes chances of malfunction and data loss. Allowing access from remote locations for designated users, thin client deliver an exceptional user-experience and flexibility.

Benefits of Arista Thin Clients range

• ThinManager Ready Industrial thin client PCs and thin client panel PCs with ACP-enabled BIOS.
• UL listed for use in Class 1,Division 2 hazardous locations
• Rugged, compact ,and reliable
• Multiple video post support with upto five monitor displays.
• Available with fanless, 5-wire resistive touch, and Intel Bay Trail E3485 1.91GHz Quad Core Atom CPU.
• Ideal solution for harsh work environment.
• Large formal LCD display ACP enabled thin client with swappable CPU module.

About Arista
Founded in 1994 Arista has offices in China, India and Taiwan. With decades of experience in engineering, manufacturing and customer support,Arista always looks forward for innovative and technology driven industrial solutions. Arista has years of experience and expertise in Industrial Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors, Box PCs & Fanless Embedded Computers, Rack Mount Computers, ACP Thin Manager Ready Thin Clients, Embedded CPU Boards and Video Extender/Switches. Arista has served customers with reliability, Integrity and Trust.


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