KVM extenders for an improved and efficient work environment!


KVM extenders play a major role in making your workplace connectivity extremely efficient and reliable. Primary role of a KVM extender is to “extend” the distance between a console (keyboard, monitor and mouse) and a server or computer. It includes a transmitter connected to a computer keyboard, video, and mouse interface along with a transmitter at the remote console.

KVM extenders are ideal solutions where the server is physically located in a harsh environment. Users are able to control a server or KVM switch from remote location away from server rooms. Typically, KVM extenders solution consists of a local unit (transmitter), a remote unit (receiver), power adapter and cable. A remote connection is established with LAN or CAT 5 cables allowing users to operate from local as well remote location. The local unit connects to the computer while console is attached to the remote device.

Ideal industry examples for KVM use

Healthcare: KVM extenders allow users to review medical records from one server through two separate rooms. This allows a very seamless and quick access to critical medical records and provides more efficient patient care.
Security: For surveillance purposes users can install camera, microphone etc in one area and console at any other location. This ensures easy access to monitors; KVM extenders eliminate the risk by storing computers in a secured area.
Offices: Perfectly suited to create manageable solutions for IT users where offices are different location from data center.KVM extenders provide cost-effective centralized management and serve as console duplicators.

Manufacturing: KVM extenders are well-suited for harsh and volatile manufacturing environment. Ideal for industries where computers needs to be protected from dust, oil, moisture or any other environmental ingress and are placed separately from keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Apart from the above mentioned KVM solutions there are several other areas where use of KVMs can be customized for specific purposes. As already discussed above, KVM extenders can be use with myriad range of industries and application, if you would like to know more about Arista KVM solutions please visit www.goarista.com or email sales@goarista.com. You can also directly get in touch with our experienced sales team by calling our toll free number 1.877.827.4287.

About us: Arista Corporation was founded in 1994 with a vision of delivering robust manufacturing and automation solutions. Since then Arista has always delivered best solutions to their customer needs and provide technical support at all levels. Arista Corporation is headquartered in Fremont, CA, with worldwide operations in China, India and Taiwan. Arista Corporation is committed to the highest standards of product development, engineering, manufacturing and customer support.


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