Looking for Industrial panel PCs? Here’s what you need to know

Industrail Panel PCs

Industrial panel PC’s are essential for making automation process more simplified and interactive. Industrial HMIs give end-users the flexibility to interact and gather information accurately about ongoing processes. Moreover, with technical advancements users are able to monitor as well as manage information manually or remotely.

With changing times role of industrial panel PCs have evolved and with variety of functionalities available in the market, it’s essential for end-users to choose the one that best suits their use and industry type. Keeping into consideration your automation needs, panel PCs should perform the tasks involved in the process. Here we will be focusing on five important factors to consider before finalizing a panel PC solution for your business.

1. Touch –screen variety: Touch panel computers offer improved and user-friendly options for demanding tasks. Several industries require computers for work in harsh and 24/7 working environment. Industrial panel PCs are available with projected capacitive touch and 5-wire resistive touch options. Both of these touch functionalities are again classified as per the requirements of the specific industry. Capacitive touch-screen identifies light pressure and delivers an instant response. For example smart-phones, tablets, ipad and similar devices that deliver quick and instant response uses capacitive touch. Capacitive touch-screen is widely popular due to its intuitive and accurate user experience. 

Resistive touch on the other hand relies on pressure of a finger or stylus and generates response accordingly. Moreover, the resistive touch requires pressure on the touch-screen and can be used with gloves. Such type of touch screen is ideal for food production, healthcare and other areas which usually require use of gloves . The choice between the capacitive and resistive touch options completely depends on your work specifications.

2. High brightness Panel PC-Certain industries require PC screens to allow clear view under sun exposure. Not all panels PC are designed to emit enough light to overcome the harsh glare. Also, industrial panel PCs designed with high glare viewing does not provide normal viewing options. When searching for industrial panel PCs consider outdoor and indoor use.

3. Fan/Fanless cooling- Presence of dirt and dust in the manufacturing process can directly affect and damage the machinery .A fanless panel PC is a great solution regardless of what the environmental situation is. A fanless computer uses heat sink technology to dissipate the heat and cool the device. This delivers noiseless system and helps in reducing any kind of downtime. PC with fan or active cooling not only attracts dust but often results in overheating and downtime during peak working hours. Hence, large manufactures does not rely on such system and face severe business downtime.

4. Environmental capability- Another important aspect is the capacity of industrial panel PCs to work in harsh environment. In critical work areas with extreme hot/cold temperatures, humidity, and debris which can directly impact the machine and work. Hence, it is important to choose PC that best suits your process. In regard to environmental specification, industrial panel PCs range is available with IP, NEMA and UL rating codes. These rating codes define the level of protection and environmental support the unit provides.

5. Size: There is a myriad variety of panel PC options available in the market; hence it is very essential to first consider where the unit will be placed. Always consider the weight of the unit in case it needs to placed at different angles and what kinds of display resolution you need for best viewing.

Since there are several options out in the market, it becomes confusing for users to decide which one will best compliment their needs. These were some of the essential and primary considerations before selecting an industrial panel PC. For any questions about ruggedized and industrial hardware feel free to email our Arista dedicated team at sales@goarista.com or call 1.877.827.4782 for more information.


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