Fanless Core 2 Duo Box PC Embedded Computers– Arista BoxPC-238D

FREMONT, California, September 01, 2009 — Arista Corporation, leader in the design and development of Industrial embedded computers today announced the shipment of BoxPC-238D next generation fanless high horsepower wall mountable industrial computers. BoxPC-238D is Arista Corporations’ newest next generation fanless industrial computer. This model combines Arista’s most popular features of other fanless units with industry leading design elements and thereby provides high horsepower industrial computing in a thermally controlled system. This is achieved through the deployment of propriety internal thermal dissipation design, careful component design and advanced chassis engineering. The BoxPC-238D is powered by an Intel Core2 DUO processor and is available with up to 4GB of DDR2-667 RAM. This provides a consistent, reliable performance at accelerated speeds due to an assortment of high powered processor. The BoxPC-238D is capable to interface with the optional dual 1394B firewire or USB ports and this feature helps to support the machine vision applications. The other key features include a dual swappable 2.5” SSD/HDD drive bays, PCI expansion slots, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual video outputs (DVI + VGA), quad USB 2.0 ports. The compactly designed chassis accommodates all these features which in turn enable additional cards and hardware to be plugged in for expanding the PCs memory or upgrading its performance.

The BoxPC-238D is compliant with IP50 standard as it completely protects the system against dust and designed in such a way that it can be used in harsh environments, The robust aluminum housings ensure reliable operation at temperatures ranging from 00 C to 500 C (320 F to 1220 F) in up to 95% non-condensing relative humidity. This extremely rugged design helps dissipate the heat quickly with its extensive surface. The BoxPC-238D provides outstanding thermal solutions especially for the heat that the unit generates. This model is an ideal solution for extreme industrial environments which experience constant exposure to dust. The BoxPC-238D is wall mountable and can be flexibly integrated into a number of industrial applications, such as Plant Floor Machine Vision Applications, Control Room in Plant Floors, Electric Power Services, and so on.

The BoxPC-238D is also incorporated thin client technology into its design. Arista offers ThinManager Ready Thin Client with up to 5 VGA connectors. When configured with MultiMonitor, these clients support session spanning and MultiSession technologies. Spanning provides greater real estate for a single terminal server session covering multiple monitors in layouts with resolutions up to 4096 x 2048 pixels. MultiSession screening provides simultaneous visibility for up to 5 application groups from one MultiMonitor terminal. The MultiSession provides the access to more than one application through ThinManager configuration settings and PR (Media) Version: 1.0 2/1/2010 without the need to merge application source. These two technologies can also be used simultaneously from one terminal

“Our customers provided us with valuable feedback on many of our product lines, stating they needed high performance machine vision and control room solutions specifically for the plant floors in accordance with the globally agreed standards. BoxPC-238D fanless and high performance industrial computer is one of our unique products towards this requirement” states Thao Le, Sales Manager, Arista Corporation. “The BoxPC-238D’s thermal structure is shocking to our esteemed customers when they get to see
the unit in front of them with chassis cover off”, added Le.

One thought on “Fanless Core 2 Duo Box PC Embedded Computers– Arista BoxPC-238D

  1. I bought Boxpc-238D in Jun. 2014 in Korea.
    I received driver CD but it’s worked with Win XP but Win 7 Pro was installed in my machine.
    VGA driver didn’t work now after reinstallation OS due to booting error.

    Would you guide me how to download drivers?


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