Everything you need to know about thin client computing

Introduction For every industry the need to manage their process is changing drastically. Particularly for addressing user needs efficiently organizations are making way to adapt thin client technology. Even though industrial thin clients are in the market for several years now, their use is evolving and gaining momentum continuously. Thin clients are designed with cost-effective hardware… Read More »

ARP-3600AP-E01 Thin Client delivering better work efficiency

ARP-3600-E01 is among the panel PC range from Arista, designed specifically to be used in industrial automation. This panel PC thin client range embeds resistive touch functionality, ideal for use in healthcare, pharmaceutical, food industry and many more. Apart from giving real-time accurate results, this resistive-type touch screen is affordable and a great alternative to… Read More »

Large Format LCD Display ACP Enabled Thin Client With Swappable CPU Module

Large Format LCD Display Computer with Swappable ACP Enabled CPU Module Application Note The repair and maintenance costs of a large format LCD display computer in a high ceiling installation can be very expensive.  Having a swappable CPU module in a Large Format Display Computer can minimize downtime, maintenance and repair costs.  With a swappable CPU module,… Read More »