Introducing Arista remote terminal station, AMA-2121AX


AMA-2121AX is a rugged waterproof remote terminal station designed to extend control room operations in toughest plant floor conditions. The core of AMA-2121AX unit is a KVM extender that allows the display and host PC to be connected via single Cat 6e cable and be up to 100 m (330 ft) apart. AMA-2121AX enclosure construction is ideal for wash down manufacturing environments where there is presence of dust, bacteria, and water.

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Arista HDMI quad screen multi-viewer- MVD 102

Arista MVD-102 quad screen multi-viewer displays four video windows simultaneously from four different video sources or computers on a single LCD monitor. MVD-102 is a technology driven solution, ideal for wide range of applications and industries. MVD-102 is a great solution for users with uncertain requirements, for instance applications requiring AV signal from a diverse range of source devices, resolutions and signal formats.

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Video wall systems-how to choose the right one?

Video wall systems

Over the years video wall systems have evolved, allowing end-users to make to make tremendous growth in their business goals. Video wall systems or displays are essential for immediate and effective audience engagement, not only these are eye-catching but they serve a great way to deliver crucial information/messages and makes brand presence impressive. Before diving on how to select a video wall system, let us first understand what exactly is a video wall system?

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Introducing Arista HDMI / DVI Video Input Remote Displays

HDMI / DVI Video Input Remote Displays

Arista has launched HDMI/DVI video input Remote Display family with high-definition video receiver. Arista’s remote display range eliminates cable clutter without affecting performance or video quality. The display is shipped with a transmitter which facilitates the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, IR controls, ethernet pass through, RS-232, USB and power over a single category cable, for up to 100 m/330 ft. Arista’s Remote Displays can be conveniently used in harsh environments and locations where computer and transmitter are distant (up to 330 feet). The touchscreen displays are equipped with USB ports for keyboard and mouse. For ultimate convenience Arista remote displays does not require power supply for the display (excluding large format display) and can be easily installed at locations without power access.

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Arista’s high performance fanless TPC: ARP-3821AP-E01

Touch Panel ComputerArista’s line of fanless touch panel computers is intended for demanding and extreme work environments.  Our ARP-3821AP-E01 is ideal for applications in automation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and beyond. This low-voltage fanless panel computer is powered with Intel E3845 1.91 GHz (Bay Trail) Quad Core ATOM CPU with extendable memory up-to 8GB.  ARP-3821AP-E01 is available with projected capacitive touchscreen for uninterrupted operational accuracy and efficiency.

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