Introducing Arista remote terminal station, AMA-2121AX


AMA-2121AX is a rugged waterproof remote terminal station designed to extend control room operations in toughest plant floor conditions. The core of AMA-2121AX unit is a KVM extender that allows the display and host PC to be connected via single Cat 6e cable and be up to 100 m (330 ft) apart. AMA-2121AX enclosure construction is ideal for wash down manufacturing environments where there is presence of dust, bacteria, and water.

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AV Multi-viewers for single control over multiple screens

AV Multi Viewers, Rack Mount, Quad Video Inputs, Single HDMI Output, Professional AV

Today’s challenging and competitive industrial workforce demands solutions with forward-thinking business decisions. Navigating critical data, viewing data from multiple sources, and accurate data projection are some of the vital requirements of industries dealing in monitoring activities. For audiovisual workflows, the ultimate challenge is to get the content delivered to various devices, formats and locations, thus minimizing the need of browsing different applications, single or multi-operator work places, crisis operations, data sources and thus speeding the process of problem identification and its resolution.

For all such scenarios a cost-effective and less complicated solutions are required to make the process smoother. Control systems should be able to compliment need of software and allow a seamless operation for end users. Our motto at Arista is to deliver advanced and innovative solutions for variety of applications like surveillance, monitoring, broadcasting and process controls .We strive to design AV Multi Viewers to be used in small to large-scale enterprise and provide accurate and reliable solutions for24/7 operations. Arista control system solutions give users seamless collaboration, monitoring, and on-screen interaction; thus making the response time quicker.

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