Introducing the ARP-3800AP-E01 Series-Multi-touch TPC


Industrial Panel PCs,Multi-touch,Capacitive Touch,panel mount

Fremont CA, September 20 2016 

Arista Corporation introduces ARP-3800AP-E01 series; this latest addition is a range of multi-touch panel PCs with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen. Today’s industrial application touch technology has revolutionized the operating concepts for industrial applications. The multi touch technology has the potential to make machine operation more intuitive, faster and safer. ARP-3800AP-E01 multi-touch panel PCs open up new dimensions for innovative HMI design and eliminate tedious tasks of navigating menu after menu of push buttons. With ARP-3800AP-E01 users can simply swipe their finger across the screen just like we use smart phones and tablets. Arista corporation is a pioneer in building rock solid industrial automation solutions, in addition to the existing industrial displays and computers, ARP-3800AP-E01 series is available in panel mount with power requirements of 110VAC/0.4A,24VDC/1.8.

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