Professional AudioVisual Pro AV HDBaseT vs. HDMI

Professional AudioVisual Pro AV HDBaseT vs. HDMI.   Nobody has ever accused a cable of being sexy. In fact, with so much of our technology moving in a wireless direction, most people probably think cables are as dated and uninteresting as an AM clock/radio. But if  someone were to tell those people they had to give up their precious HDMI cables for tangled messes of component video/audio cables, they’d scream bloody murder. Indeed, the HDMI cable is the unsung hero of the home theater, quietly transporting HD audio and video in one convenient package, never calling attention to itself because it just works. That’s how it is when you do your job well every single day; you get taken for granted. But if you take a moment to think about it, HDMI is a beautiful thing and you’d probably be sad to see it go. Or would you? What if something came along that was even better than HDMI? Something that could do more than any wireless technology will be able to do for years to come? Would you make the switch?

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