Arista Corporation joins SDVoE Alliance, adopts AV-over-IP standards

SDVoE Alliance

Fremont CA, USA- February 9, 2017 Arista Corporation, designer and manufacturer of AV signal distribution and switching products, has announced its association with the Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance. Arista’s upcoming IP FlashCaster utilizes SDVoE technology to deliver uncompressed AV signals over 10GbE Ethernet networks which offers the possibility to create dramatic new architecture and intuitive user experience.

All AV distribution applications that demand zero-latency and uncompromised video quality can benefit from AV-over-IP technology standards set by SDVoE Alliance. The SDVoE Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardize the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology allowing software to define AV applications.

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Simple solutions for tough needs!

Arista Industrial Thin Client-Microbox-7824B E-Series

Microbox-7824b-E series is an amazing addition to the industrial computers offered by Arista. The ACP ThinManager Ready thin client delivers high-performance driven features. Recently launched Microbox-7824B E-Series video explains product features and benefits in detail; watch the video below.

Powered with high-performance features, Microbox-7824B E-Series allows seamless work environment with minimal chances of downtime. Morever, Arista industrial embedded computer Microbox-7824B E-Series is powered with Intel E3845 Quad Core Atom CPU with upto 8GB system memory.The external smart battery option available with Microbox-7824B E-Series functions as a UPS; in case of a power outage it triggers the MicroBox-7824B to shut down its Windows Operating System. This powerful feature allows an uninterrupted operation and help businesses to avoid any kind of downtime. This saves plenty of time and money; also, businesses are able to focus on their key deliverable without worrying power failure.

With more and more manufacturing processes moving to virtualization, it gives great security and reliability to end-users. VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) includes running user desktop in virtual machines hosted on datacenter severs. Each user has a dedicated VM running operating system. This flexible functionality is ideal for business security and confidentiality of critical information.

Some key benefits of industrial thin clients are:

Easy to deploy within budget
Long product life cycle
Less maintenance
Centralized access
Security and reliability.

ACP ThinManager Ready thin client

Arista has a proven track record of delivering world class automation computing and industrial displays, the company allows customers to have a non interrupted work environment with elated productivity.

Warranty and Support: Arista is proud to provide exceptional customer support and product maintenance available to our clients. Arista works hard to make their customers more productive and help in building a sustainable work environment. Get more detailed insight here.

About Us
Arista is a pioneer in the industry of product development, engineering, manufacturing and customer support. Originally formed in 1994, Arista has offices in China, India and Taiwan. With years of experience and expertise in Industrial Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors, Box PCs & Fanless Embedded Computers, Rack Mount Computers, ACP Thin Manager Ready Thin Clients, Embedded CPU Boards and Video Extender/Switches. Arista has served customers with reliability, Integrity and Trust.


Looking for Industrial panel PCs? Here’s what you need to know

Industrail Panel PCs

Industrial panel PC’s are essential for making automation process more simplified and interactive. Industrial HMIs give end-users the flexibility to interact and gather information accurately about ongoing processes. Moreover, with technical advancements users are able to monitor as well as manage information manually or remotely.

With changing times role of industrial panel PCs have evolved and with variety of functionalities available in the market, it’s essential for end-users to choose the one that best suits their use and industry type. Keeping into consideration your automation needs, panel PCs should perform the tasks involved in the process. Here we will be focusing on five important factors to consider before finalizing a panel PC solution for your business.

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Interactive display solutions for effective decisions!



An innovative and high-performing display technology is among the essential building blocks of a reliable control room monitoring system. Industries like automation, broadcasting, medical and other similar areas needs a uniform distribution of information. Such industries also require steady interactive display solutions (Video wall, professional AV etc) to make critical decisions and deliver accurate solutions.

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ThinManager Ready thin client for reliable industrial solutions

Control rooms, ThinManager,Thin Client

ThinManager is a software platform that allows ThinManager Ready Thin Client to connect with different servers with multiple active sessions. All sessions can be managed through a centralized system, this process ensure delivery of visual resources from server to end users virtually with any computing device. Thus, helps in reducing operation, maintenance and downtime during critical work hours. Some of the great functionalities of ThinManager ready hardware are:

Centralized Management: With ThinManager users are able to monitor the entire connected device at one single location. Moreover, users can also take over which ever machine they need and take action from the single location.

Multi-monitor: ThinManager Ready thin clients can be availed with multiple video ports; this allows multiple monitors to be connected with one thin client. Each monitor is able to run a different session and can support additional sessions as well.

User-Friendly: There is a touch screen support available with ThinManager hardware which allows users to have a flawless operation. The features are easy to use, for every action/change in the device configuration users are notified through emails or local messages.

Security: One of the crucial aspects of using ThinManger is the secured connected network. The remote access feature allows real-time monitoring, changing configuration, rebooting or disabling of the thin client. This makes the entire management secure and easy to operate.

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