Technical White Paper Multi Touch Technology and HMI

White Paper: An insider’s guide to multi touch technology and how it is going to benefit you

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Multi touch technology is making a huge impact in our day-to-day lives; with a variety of multi-touch enabled devices we have access to information in the most convenient way. Simultaneously for industrial applications, multi-touch operating concepts are constantly improving the entire industrial settings. While there are number of touch technologies available in the market, this technical white paper addresses multi-touch over single touch, and detailed information on how to select the right features for different work needs.

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ThinManager Ready thin client for reliable industrial solutions

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ThinManager is a software platform that allows ThinManager Ready Thin Client to connect with different servers with multiple active sessions. All sessions can be managed through a centralized system, this process ensure delivery of visual resources from server to end users virtually with any computing device. Thus, helps in reducing operation, maintenance and downtime during critical work hours. Some of the great functionalities of ThinManager ready hardware are:

Centralized Management: With ThinManager users are able to monitor the entire connected device at one single location. Moreover, users can also take over which ever machine they need and take action from the single location.

Multi-monitor: ThinManager Ready thin clients can be availed with multiple video ports; this allows multiple monitors to be connected with one thin client. Each monitor is able to run a different session and can support additional sessions as well.

User-Friendly: There is a touch screen support available with ThinManager hardware which allows users to have a flawless operation. The features are easy to use, for every action/change in the device configuration users are notified through emails or local messages.

Security: One of the crucial aspects of using ThinManger is the secured connected network. The remote access feature allows real-time monitoring, changing configuration, rebooting or disabling of the thin client. This makes the entire management secure and easy to operate.

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Arista’s Industrial Panel PCs- For a better healthcare visualization

ThinManager Ready

In today’s dynamic market place, Industrial automation solutions are evolving rapidly. Buyers from myriad industries are continuously demanding innovative and productive solutions with minimal ownership costs. Arista Corporation delivers complete automation solutions including Industrial Panel PCs and displays. The complete range is designed for a smart, safe and sustainable manufacturing.

For industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, research, and medical; automation solutions should meet the regulations and environmental controls. With years of experience in manufacturing and delivering innovative applications, Arista touch displays/ monitors and video extender range is designed to be used in regulated areas like pharmaceuticals.

Make the right choice: Arista’s safe and reliable automation solutions are available as standalone or panel-mount units, the overall systems are easy to install use and maintain. Arista’s industrial workstations are customized specifically to meet industry regulations. Touch screens with multi-touch functionality can be installed easily along with an ergonomically adjusting option for the ease of operation.

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Box PC Intel Skylake Platform – HDMI Supporting 4K Triple Displays


Coming Soon BoxPC-138-H00 – Box PC with Intel Skylake Platform, i7 CPU, 3X HDMI Outputs Supporting 4K Triple Displays

Coming soon from Arista Corporation , the BoxPC-138-H00, wall mount industrial Box PC with Intel 6th generation Skylake Platform and i7 desktop CPU. This unit includes 3X HDMI display outputs supporting 4K triple displays along with one PCIe and two mPCIe expansion slots.  A powerful embedded computer supports up to 32GB DDR4 Memory, Intel HD Graphics 530 Video Controller.  Includes 1x 2.5″ SATA HDD, 4x USB 3.0, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and IP50 Rating.

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Professional AudioVisual Pro AV HDBaseT vs. HDMI

Professional AudioVisual Pro AV HDBaseT vs. HDMI.   Nobody has ever accused a cable of being sexy. In fact, with so much of our technology moving in a wireless direction, most people probably think cables are as dated and uninteresting as an AM clock/radio. But if  someone were to tell those people they had to give up their precious HDMI cables for tangled messes of component video/audio cables, they’d scream bloody murder. Indeed, the HDMI cable is the unsung hero of the home theater, quietly transporting HD audio and video in one convenient package, never calling attention to itself because it just works. That’s how it is when you do your job well every single day; you get taken for granted. But if you take a moment to think about it, HDMI is a beautiful thing and you’d probably be sad to see it go. Or would you? What if something came along that was even better than HDMI? Something that could do more than any wireless technology will be able to do for years to come? Would you make the switch?

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