25th Boston Area Chapter ISPE Product Show


Arista Corporation- 25th Boston ISPE Product Show

Arista Corporation is delighted to confirm their presence at the Boston Area Chapter ISPE product show on October 5th 2016. Located at the Gillete stadium in Foxborough, MA this annual show includes a variety of exhibits by pharma focused vendors and service providers. Stop by at ISPE Product show Arista dedicated booth number E152 for a random talk and also allow us to enlighten our expertise.

Arista talented team is excited to be part of this outstanding opportunity, block your calendar for October 5th, 2016 and don’t miss the chance to meet the amazing team. Meantime, do visit https://goarista.com/ to get detailed insight on our offerings for industrial computers and displays.

Arista is a pioneer in the industry of product development, engineering and manufacturing of industrial computers and displays. Originally formed in 1994, Arista has offices in China, India and Taiwan. Reach our sales team at sales@goarista.com or call 1.877.827.4782 Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PT.

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