Hazardous locations, NEMA enclosure and its types!

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) defines standards used in North America for different grades of electrical enclosures. Such enclosures are mostly used in industrial environments,harsh work conditions,and hazardous locations. NEMA ratings categorizes enclosures  according to their ability to withstand damaging substances like water, dust, corrosion, oil, or other foreign materials. (more…) Read More »

Choosing the right industrial touch screen

  Considering complex needs of industrial environments, industrial touch screen monitor should be selected carefully. While there are different varieties available in the market, their function and technological aspects varies. For instance, resistive touch screen monitors is one of touch screen variety and ideal for industries like food & beverage. This type of screen works… Read More »

Pharmaceutical and Life Science solutions

Pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is frequently challenged due to changing customer needs, production processes, stringent compliance and regulations. Therefore, manufacturing practices should be efficient and worthy enough to meet these strict demands. Arista holds years of expertise in delivering technology driven industrial automation solutions, understanding regulatory needs and operations efficiency Arista offers solutions that… Read More »

KVM extenders for an improved and efficient work environment!

KVM extenders play a major role in making your workplace connectivity extremely efficient and reliable. Primary role of a KVM extender is to “extend” the distance between a console (keyboard, monitor and mouse) and a server or computer. It includes a transmitter connected to a computer keyboard, video, and mouse interface along with a transmitter… Read More »

How to choose the best VDI solution

Virtual storage or virtualization gives ample reasons to be implemented in your current IT scenario. However, if you are new to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) or if you want to find out what virtualization can offer your business then this post will guide you through. Let us first understand what the term, virtualization means. Virtualization It refers to… Read More »