Introducing Arista HDMI / DVI Video Input Remote Displays

HDMI / DVI Video Input Remote Displays

Arista has launched HDMI/DVI video input Remote Display family with high-definition video receiver. Arista’s remote display range eliminates cable clutter without affecting performance or video quality. The display is shipped with a transmitter which facilitates the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, IR controls, ethernet pass through, RS-232, USB and power over a single category cable, for up to 100 m/330 ft. Arista’s Remote Displays can be conveniently used in harsh environments and locations where computer and transmitter are distant (up to 330 feet). The touchscreen displays are equipped with USB ports for keyboard and mouse. For ultimate convenience Arista remote displays does not require power supply for the display (excluding large format display) and can be easily installed at locations without power access.

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Hazardous locations, NEMA enclosure and its types!

NEMA enclosure

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) defines standards used in North America for different grades of electrical enclosures. Such enclosures are mostly used in industrial environments,harsh work conditions,and hazardous locations. NEMA ratings categorizes enclosures  according to their ability to withstand damaging substances like water, dust, corrosion, oil, or other foreign materials.

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Everything you need to know about thin client computing

thinmanager ready thin clients

For every industry the need to manage their process is changing drastically. Particularly for addressing user needs efficiently organizations are making way to adapt thin client technology. Even though industrial thin clients are in the market for several years now, their use is evolving and gaining momentum continuously. Thin clients are designed with cost-effective hardware and play a key role in eliminating computational workload.

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Looking for Industrial panel PCs? Here’s what you need to know

Industrail Panel PCs

Industrial panel PC’s are essential for making automation process more simplified and interactive. Industrial HMIs give end-users the flexibility to interact and gather information accurately about ongoing processes. Moreover, with technical advancements users are able to monitor as well as manage information manually or remotely.

With changing times role of industrial panel PCs have evolved and with variety of functionalities available in the market, it’s essential for end-users to choose the one that best suits their use and industry type. Keeping into consideration your automation needs, panel PCs should perform the tasks involved in the process. Here we will be focusing on five important factors to consider before finalizing a panel PC solution for your business.

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Managing control room visual solutions


Modern day production technology cannot deny the value of visualization. With ever growing need of efficient functionalities, ThinManager ready hardware plays a crucial role. A capable thin client is able to support multiple monitors and deliver a more convenient workplace for operators or end users. For instance consider control rooms visualizations with several operators and each one is provided with a desktop computer, keyboards and other multiple accessories, for such cases operators are likely to face several issues, which directly or indirectly  impact productivity of the workplace.

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