Everything you need to know about thin client computing

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For every industry the need to manage their process is changing drastically. Particularly for addressing user needs efficiently organizations are making way to adapt thin client technology. Even though industrial thin clients are in the market for several years now, their use is evolving and gaining momentum continuously. Thin clients are designed with cost-effective hardware and play a key role in eliminating computational workload.

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Thin Clients streamlining the healthcare IT system

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Healthcare IT management system is evolving with different needs and challenges. Along with user-friendly access to users and patients, healthcare sector demands top-notch security features. Healthcare industries deals with plenty of sensitive data on a daily basis; systems that comply with compliance and regulations are essential building blocks of a successful healthcare management.

Thin client for efficient management
There are several healthcare related tasks that staff members, patients and other designated users need to perform. EMR (electronic medical records) or EHR (electronic heath record) are commonly used by healthcare professionals and members. Since all this sensitive information is accessed frequently, the most viable option is to gain remote access to patient information anywhere in the hospital without depending on workstation. Thin clients are an ideal solution for all such needs; it saves plenty of time and effort.

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4K supporting thin client for a control room visual solutions

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Control room visualization includes video wall, video extender, video switcher and more. For a critical control room environment, image quality is a necessity because user needs to have right perspective on the data. An enhancement to HD (high-definition) is the ultra high-definition (UHD).This is also called the ultra HD or 4K.

Let us first understand what is 4K in detail. 4K or UHD in simple terms offers four times greater resolution than traditional HD displays. This technology provide huge difference in the picture clarity and performance over existing HD resolutions. This also provides a very drastic improvement in the quality of the images and allows ease of viewing critical data.

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