Managing control room visual solutions

Modern day production technology cannot deny the value of visualization. With ever growing need of efficient functionalities, ThinManager ready hardware plays a crucial role. A capable thin client is able to support multiple monitors and deliver a more convenient workplace for operators or end users. For instance consider control rooms visualizations with several operators and… Read More »

Large Format LCD Display ACP Enabled Thin Client With Swappable CPU Module

Large Format LCD Display Computer with Swappable ACP Enabled CPU Module Application Note The repair and maintenance costs of a large format LCD display computer in a high ceiling installation can be very expensive.  Having a swappable CPU module in a Large Format Display Computer can minimize downtime, maintenance and repair costs.  With a swappable CPU module,… Read More »

Plant Floor Automation Client-Server and Cloud Computing Arista White Paper

Plant Floor Automation Client-Server and Cloud Computing -- Today and Tomorrow White Paper For plant floor automation applications, more and more SCADA & HMI software has been moved to Client-Server and Cloud Computing architectures: Deploy maintenance-free thin clients on the production floor Simplify IT tasks to optimize limited IT resources Centralize production floor applications and… Read More »