Wonderware InTouch® Compact Edition Panel PC — Arista ARP-3600AP Series

FREMONT, California, September 01, 2009 — Arista Corporation, leader in the design and development of Industrial Computers today announced the shipment of Wonderware InTouch® Compact Edition ready panel PC ARP-3600AP Series.

Arista partners with Invensys Wonderware and delivers Wonderware InTouch® Compact Edition ready ARP-3600AP Series that delivers industry-leading HMI / SCADA software in a small form factor Windows CE based industrial computers. Wonderware InTouch® Compact Edition outshines the competition with breakthrough technology, intuitive user interaction, robust runtime functionality, seamless integration with the Wonderware System Platform and unparalleled investment protection. InTouch® Compact Edition is an open and extensible HMI / SCADA software with cutting-edge and stunning graphical capabilities providing incredible power and flexibility for application design with connectivity to the broadest range of systems and devices in the industry.

Arista’s HMI Express Pro ARP-3600AP Series with Wonderware InTouch® Compact Edition, is powerful and easy to use, enabling engineers to become more productive and creative. While reducing application development costs, it allows them to build compelling, intuitive, and maintainable HMI, SCADA, and MES applications that are secure and reliable. It is full of features such as remote management. A complete hardware and software package, ARP-3600AP is a turn-key HMI solution that is easy to install.

Arista’s Powered By Wonderware ARP-3600AP Series is Wonderware InTouch Compact Edition Ready WinCE based HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Panel Computer. The units blend ruggedized industrial construction and reliable processing power together into a compact operator terminal. Available in 6.5”, 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1” and 15” screen sizes, all units in the ARP- 3600AP Series includes a 5-wire resistive touch screen as a standard feature. This integration coupled with the fanless kernel and non-volatile storage makes ARP-3600AP a reliable turn-key solution for machine builder and plant floor applications. Based on the low voltage AMD LX800 processor, the ARP-3600AP Series features dual Ethernet, 2.5″ SSD or HDD storage, CF Type II slot, PCI-104 slot, one external VGA port, three USB 2.0 ports and up to three COM ports.

The ARP-3600 AP series is designed in such a way that its dependability is enhanced by its built-in watchdog timer, a special industrial feature not commonly seen on other designs. While big on features and reliability, the ARP-3600AP Series is cost effective, offering the highest feature-to-value ratio in
the industry.

When properly installed, ARP-3600 AP series’ bezel is NEMA4/ (4X with stainless) and IP65 rated against water, dust and environmental ingress. In addition, this series is UL 508 certified (NRAQ Programmable Controllers). The compliance engineer at PR (Media) Version: 1.0 2/1/2010 the deployment site looks out for the UL category code and can easily build the system for a UL 508 panel and thereby cuts the inspection process.

“Our customers provided us with valuable feedback on many of our product lines, stating they needed high performance machine builder and plant floor turnkey solutions in accordance with the globally agreed standards. Arista’s Powered by Wonderware ARP- 3600AP Series is one of our unique products towards this requirement that helps machine builders and plant floor personnel to deliver higher performance at less cost and reduce time to market while meeting delivery commitments and improving customer support” states Thao Le, Sales Manager, Arista Corporation. “The ARP-3600AP Series is 3rd generation of Arista’s HMI Express Pro which is designed in such a way that it can be flexibly integrated in a turnkey solution to perform a dedicated and intelligent functionality in the plant floors “, added Le.


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